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Best sea shipping company in Karachi from USA, London UK, Canada Toronto, Dubai, London, Manila, Turkey, Jeddah, Malaysia. Sea freight to Pakistan.


Sea freight rates to Karachi port


As a best shipping company in Karachi, the Basic Ocean Freight (BAS) is the transportation rate for moving your cargo. The rate is price determined by varying factors such as the different origin-destination combination and the cargo type (Dry Cargo or Reefer Cargo)Being a best services provider of  sea shipping Karachi to Dubai, Jeddah , UK, US, Africa, China, Saudi Arabia, central asia of 20ft container, 40ft containers freight. We provide best and cheap sea freight to port Karachi. one of the best freight forwarding companies in Pakistan. We organize shipments internationally. We are also well-known logistics companies in Karachi Sea Freight.Cargo sea shipping Karachi Cheap freight shipping container from Pakistan to UK
Pakistan to canada, Pakistan to USA, best freight shipping to Pakistan. Sea freight to Pakistan.

Can also check demurrage and container detention

We are top 10 shipping companies offering Freight advisor, consultant charges and shipping cost international cargo services in Karachi Pakistan for Saudi, US, USA, Dubai, China, Islamabad.

Here would like to explain that how the Freight Rate is calculated, the cost of transporting goods, is reflective of numbers of factors aside from normal transportation costs. The main determining factor of freight rate are: modes of transportation (van,truck, ship, train, air plan), weight, size, distance, points of pickup and delivery, and the actual goods being shipped by container sea shipping Karachi

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Sea freight to Pakistan

Sea freight to Pakistan


Best shipping company in Karachi

As a best shipping company in Karachi, we have good relationship with carriers from all our locations. and visibility in shipping control for solutions on best product customization by offering sea shipping Karachi rates from china to Pakistan. Even LCL shipment in Karachi from China , we have very good rates with best shipping services. Best rates sea shipping Karachi to Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Canada,  USA, China, freight, list of freight forwarders for container cargo shipments. Best rates container sea shipping Karachi from USA, London UK, Canada Toronto, Dubai, London, Manila, Turkey, Jeddah, Malaysia. Sea freight to Pakistan.

Dangerous goods freight forwarder in Pakistan
dangerous goods packaging, dangerous goods handling.

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Reefer perishable cargo: Fruits, fish, pharmaceutical products.
Project cargo:  As a project cargo freight forwarders, we are always interested in project cargo be it the disassemble and relocation of machinery plant of the movement of very large or heavy equipment.

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Need to ship to or from Pakistan? Seascape specialisms in air and sea freight forwarding services in Karachi Pakistan
and logistics across the globe. Find out more today.
Shipping to and from all Pakistan ports: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. Containers and Cargo prices.
Ocean Air International is professionally engaged in providing packing, warehousing, moving, transportation, freight forwarding and customs clearance services for the past three decades. Since the inception of Ocean Air.
our focus has remained on total service quality and customer satisfaction.

Ocean freight rates include

  • Full Container Load (FCL).

  • Freight rates advisor, frieght consultant.

  • bulk sea freight service.

  • liner freight forwarding service.

  • C&F Karachi. FOB Karachi.

  • Container freight to Karachi.

  • Less than Container Load (LCL).

  • Co-loader ocean freight service.

  • Reefer container freight rates.

  • Ocean freight cargo consolidator.

  • Container sea freight to Dubai.

  • Container charges from Karachi to Dubai.

  • 20ft/40ft shipping container freight rate.

  • Hanging garment container freight.

  • Refrigerated container freight.

  • Harbor freight tool.

  • Dubai to Karachi logistics.

  • Ocean freight prepaid.

  • Cheap ocean freight.

  • Ocean freight from Karachi to Felixstowe port.

  • Ocean freight from Karachi to New York.

  • Ocean freight from Karachi to Los Angeles.

  • Ocean freight container tracking.

  • Co-loader ocean Karachi port.


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