Plastic security seal in Pakistan

Trustworthy plastic security seals in Pakistan

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Plastic security Pull-Tite Security Seal/Plastic Security Seals For Extinguisher,Logistics, Luggage,Transport, Doors etc Pull Tight Seal ,BAG Teck Plastic Secure Anti-Tamper Seals. How to remove plastic security seal very easy. We use these on all of our shipments leaving on standard semi trailers. We have never had an issue and can oftentimes even place the seal through the same opening as a padlock on the truck trailer. They can also be used on export ocean containers without any issue. We have not had trouble with them being too short. How to open plastic security seal is very easy. Now no need to worry how to remove plastic security seal In Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot. wherever you need will be provided to near to you. A variety of Plastic Seal are available to meet your seal needs. Most Plastic Security Seals are for one-time used and are effective for indicating tampering or attempted tampering of shipment.

Anti tamper bank cash bag seal atm bank security plastic seal

Product Name tamper indicating hot stamping logo plastic seal
material PP+PE
fabrication process one-step molding plastic seal
color Yellow,White,Blue,Green,Red,Orange and so on according to requirements
Printing type Fine Laser marking or hot stamping, screen printing
marking contents Numbers, Letters, mark, bar codes of plastic seals in Pakistan
Tensile Strength 353N
product certificate SGS Certification however plastic
Application Express, logistics, catering, hospital, post, cash bag security seals, gas meters seal, milk delivery
Packing 100pcs/bag,25bags/carton ( pls ask for limited quantity
Plastic seal length 15 cm to 40 cm

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Plastic seals for courier services in PakistanPakistan

One piece plastic Security Seals. Ideal solution to seal all kind of bags in the Postal, Courier Services and logistics. Even Roll Cages can be ideally sealed with our Buzyb seals. Due to the massive strap design suitable for rough handling. Consecutive numbering or even barcoding enables easy recording of the seal number and streamlines operation. Optional tear off version supports easy removal. Available in a range of plastic colors. this is kind of seal is also available in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sialkot. We have emerged as the foremost manufacturer and supplier of Courier Bag Seal that is suitable for sealing of courier packages. The offered seal is manufactured by our adroit professionals using quality assured raw material and modern tools. Tamper proof plastic security seal for courier product names, applications, strength, customer requirement, printing introduction.

Plastic security seals for Drum, cans, coolers, and containers

Plastic security seals for Drum  provide effective tamper evident protection and closure for drums. Drum cans containers can be used on both metal and plastic drums and are available in plastic, metal, and plastic with an aluminum ring. Drum Capseals are offered in 3/4″ and 2″ sizes.

Plastic security seals for cash bags and ATM machines The SP Cash Bag is one of our premium plastic security seal range. It’s name comes from its primary sealing applications for the effective securing of cash-in-transit bags. It is also versatile enough for additional applications across sectors to secure the transportation of high-value goods.

The typical application for this universal bags seal include sacks or bag designed for high-value goods transportation in numerous industries: finance, airline cargo management, postal services, clinical waste management, courier services and cash-in-transit.

  • The  Cash Bag seals are etched with permanent laser markings for name, logo, sequential numbers & even barcode. Laser marking offers the highest level of security as it cannot be removed and replaced.

  • Heat staking technology is used to permanently fasten caps to the seal. Heat staking is permanent and cannot be cut or forced open without leaving clear evidences of tampering.

  • Metal clips locking provides better locking and greater pull strength to the long, thick straps.

  • The spikes on back of the strap provide a better grip on bags and other slippery materials.

  • Double sided locking teeth in the middle of the strap provide greater security.

  • Color coding is made available through combinations of multicolored seals and transparent cap.

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