Used container for sale in Pakistan

used shipping containers for sale in Pakistan



Used container for sale in Pakistan at very reasonable prices, and in all major cities including Lahore, Islambad, Karachi, has been our one of the task. providing storage containers for hire and Sales. We have built an extensive network of agents and depots, and can provide storage container hire countrywide. We have a large selection of storage containers for sale and hire.

Buy shipping containers online. Wholesale prices, secure payment portal, no leaks guaranteed. Order online, 20' containers, 40' high cube, conex, sea can. Used shipping container, steel storage container, cargo container, portable storage container, mil-van, 40 foot container, how to buy a shipping container.

In Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, all second hand shipping containers from Portable Space are guaranteed with durability. Various grades are available including grade A containers which are usually younger ex shipping line containers or second hand containers that have been previously used in a light duty non-shipping environment.

Shipping Containers For Sale. Here in Karachi, we offer a variety of storage and shipping containers for sale as second hand. Whether you're looking for a used, reconditioned, or like-new storage container we carry them all. We sell standard 20′ft and 40′ft storage containers as well as many of our specialty models

A shipping container is a container with strength suitable to withstand shipments, storage, and handling. Shipping containers ranges from large reusable steel boxes used for inter modal shipment to the ubiquitous corrugated boxes. In the context of international shipping trade, "container" or "shipping container" is virtually.

Also we do have reefer container like PLUS 40ft Refrigerated Reefer Shipping Containers, 2002-2005 40 ft Refrigerated Reefer Containers, several to choose from and ready for check out, t-bar floor, stainless and aluminum construction, carrier reefers units, from -20 to 85, super insulated, food storage.

Also classed as standard size shipping container the 40 ft comes in GP, HC and HCPW varieties. General purpose containers are widely used however ... 40 Foot Shipping Containers Gallery. The following gallery is to give you an idea of what we have on hand in terms of 40 Foot Shipping Containers for Sale or Hiring.

The 40 ft container or another sizes. How to decide? The best way to storege and ship your goods and belongings would be to put them in a shipping containers. You can transporting them so easily, store your important stuff in it and relieve yourself from the worries as it would be going to a storage facility where your goods are.


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Used storage container Pakistan

Following used container for sale in Pakistan from US$ 350/- To US$ 1250

3 container 20`, and 1x40ft with valid CSC plate except white color)

scrap container for sale in karachi, 40 feet container for sale in karachi

Buy used shipping container for sale in Pakistan


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SpecLength*Width*Heigh*Door WidthDoor HeightCapacityTare WeightMaxi Cargo
Standard 20'19' 4"7' 8"7' 10"7' 8"7' 6"1,172 Cft4,916 Lbs47,900 Lbs
5.900 m2.350 m2.393 m2.342 m2.280 m33.2 m32,230 Kgs21,770 Kgs
Standard 40'39' 5"7' 8"7' 10"7' 8"7' 6"2,390 Cft8,160 Lbs59,040 Lbs
12.036 m2.350 m2.392 m2.340 m2.280 m67.7 m33,700 Kgs


SpecLength*Width*Heigh*Door WidthDoor HeightCapacityTare WeightMaxi Cargo
Open Top 20'19' 4"7' 7"7' 8"7' 6"7' 2"1,136 Cft5,280 Lbs47,620 Lbs
5.894 m2.311 m2.354 m2.286 m2.184 m32.23 Cu.m2,400 Kgs21,600 Kgs
Open Top 40'39' 5"7' 8"7' 8"7' 8"7' 5"2,350 Cft8,490 Lbs58,710 Lbs
12.028 m2.350 m2.345 m2.341 m2.274 m66.5 Cu.m3,850 Kgs


SpecLength*Width*Heigh*Door WidthDoor HeightCapacityTare WeightMaxi Cargo
Reefer 20'17' 8"7' 5"7' 5"7' 5"7' 3 "1,000 Cft7,040 Lbs45,760 Lbs
5.425 m2.275 m2.260 m2.258 m2.216 m28.3 Cu.m3,200 Kgs20,800 Kgs
Reefer 40'37' 8"7' 5 "7' 2 "7' 5 "7' 0 "2,040 Cft10,780 Lbs56,276 Lbs
11.493 m2.270 m2.197 m2.282 m2.155 m57.8 Cu.m4,900 Kgs25,580 Kgs
Reefer 40' High Cube37' 11"7' 6"8' 2"7' 6"8' 0"2,344 Cft9,900 Lbs57,561 Lbs
11,557 m2.294 m2.500 m2.294 m2.440 m66.6 Cu.m4,500 Kgs25,980 Kgs


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